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Salesforce.com online training

Salesforce.com online training offered by the Tektrainings is completely hands on training by the real time industry experts at affordable price.

Salesforce.com is having two types of training.

1. Salesforce.com Admin and Configuaration

2. Salesforce.com Development


SalesForce Content for Admin and Configuration


CRM Basic Salesforce Architecture (Saas, Paas, On Demand, On Premise)

Various CRM Elements (Marketing, Sales, Service)

Application elements (Tabs, App, Links, Homepage component)

Configuration Basic (Fields, Validation Rules, Record Type, Page layout, Related list, List View)

Advance Configuration(Formula Fields,Relationship fields,Lookup Master Detail,Cross Object Reference,Workflows and

Approvals, Workflow actions: Email, Tasks, Outbound etc)

Admin Setup (OWD, Roles and Profiles, User management, Sharing rule, Groups)

Advance Admin setup

The Approximate time to cover these topics would be around 30 Hrs.


Salesforce.com Development course content :

Introduction to CRM

Need of CRM for Various Businesses

CRM Modules (Marketing , Sales , Services) / Standard Functional Flow) Introduction to Cloud Computing

Introduction to Ondemand

CRM Introduction to SaaS(Software as a Service)

Introduction to PaaS(Platform as a Service) Force.com Platform


Architecture Apex


Language Constructs

DataTypes, GlobalVariables, Functions, and Expression Operators.

Classes, Objects, and Interfaces List , Map , Date Function , String Functions etc

Exception Handling Apex as a WebService

Class Security  Standard

Apex Classes

Best Practices Triggers

Introduction to Trigger

Trigger Definition

Trigger Structure

Trigger New , Old , NewMap , OldMap , IsInsert , Isdelete , IsUpdate etc

Best Practices Visual Force

Introduction to Visual Force


Types of Controllers

Differences between Controllers

Enabling VF for your Organization

Creating First VF page

Creating First Controller Using Query String Parameter in VF page

Building PageBlock Table in VF page

Building Form in VF page

If anyone interested to take online Salesforce.com training please drop me an email to Info@tektrainings.com Or call me on 248 906 3750 or +91 9989416000.


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